Being Her Now

Aloha! I am Bre let me introduce myself, I am a mom of 3, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast! A true Gemini I am constantly torn between a good sweaty HITT class or a mellow zen yoga. I am obsessed with Hawaii, love a t-shirt with a witty quote and I consider leopard print a wardrobe staple! If you catch me out and about I will certainly be in leggings with an iced coffee in hand. My family is my everything and I am raising my littles to love moving just as much as I do!

As a trained professional dancer and dance studio owner I have spent the past 20 years encouraging and empowering students to become confident artists and athletes. Through the years I was always asked by moms and dance alumni, to continue the mentorship of positivity and feel good dance workouts that they miss after leaving the studio atmosphere. 

it got me thinking...

I truly feel that my purpose is to passionately help inspire others to show up as their best self. Combining my dance expertise, yoga, pilates and mindfulness I wanted to share this sense of “Being HER Now” beyond the dance studio and into the hearts of women, moms, girls and who ever wants to start feeling more positive about their approach to living their best. My hope is that you can feel my energy and love for movement through your screen and acknowledge that you too have that same desire to BE HER NOW.

Bre Wong